The new me? As you might have noticed, my blog has undergone a slight transformation and I could not be more excited to show it to you, my readers. After a few years of blogging under the Freshnet umbrella, I felt it was time to be back on my own feet.

I have very much enjoyed being a Freshnet family member and I am thankful for the opportunities they gave me and my blog, but I felt the need to have my own design and let go of the umbrella.

As I have my bachelor degree in graphic design – but never really did anything big with it after graduating – it felt good to be able to use it to rebuild my baby. Together with a team of amazing people, I worked on it for a couple of months and make it look exactly how I wanted it to look.

Apart from some images being smaller and some being bigger, there are a few new features that are less visible that I would like to explain/point out.

– Posts that contain 5 or more photos, will become slideshows from now. I like to keep things neat and organized and did not want to have ‘clutters’ of pictures.
– I have introduced an official street style category a few weeks back, which is called ‘street chic’. This is to display what interesting looks I bump into, mostly during Fashion Weeks. Also to make this place a little less narcissistic. I might introduce some new categories soon, but only if they feel natural to add.
– Sometimes photos speak for themselves and do not really need much explanation, you might notice some posts without any text. It is not because I lost all writing inspiration, it is because I like it that way.
– Other posts may contain much longer texts in the near future. I have grown up (finally, at 24!) and it is time to give the blog a little more substance. I like to keep the conversation going and point things out that catch my eye in this ever-changing world of fashion.
– I will not be using random pictures from the world wide web anymore – those can be found on my Pinterest instead. It is just going to be my images and my images only. (Or images that someone took of me or for me.)

What do you think?

ps/ The URL on Bloglovin’ will automatically be changed within a few hours. You do not need to refollow me on the new URL.


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  1. Well done, girl. It´s going to be a big step for you as a proffesional in the fashion industry. Good luck! You deserve it.

  2. it’s a nice and neet blog design! To be honest I was really annoyed by all those ads by freshnet and the minimal (screen) space that was left for the blogposts so I was very happy when you announced that you’re having your own domain. Will you adjust the Bloglovin settings as well? I’m following there and it’s still pointing at the old blog.

    1. @Anna: Yes, Bloglovin’ will automatically switch to this new domain. Thank you!

  3. The new AfterDRK is just minimal, simple and gorgeus! It’s so you ;) Congrats on this new step on you blog-life.


  4. Gaaf zeg het ziet er ook super mooi uit! leuk! Is bloglovin automatisch overgezet of moet je opnieuw volgen!? echt super mooi! gefeliciteerd :D

    1. @Nora: Bloglovin’ wordt automatisch overgezet!

  5. Wat leuk dat je weer op je ‘eigen benen’ staat! Hoewel ik jouw eerste blog altijd al prachtig vond, ben ik ook zot geworden van afterDRK op Freshnet en nu zie ik deze! Super! Vind het alleen jammer dat je foto’s nu kleiner zijn… Dat vond ik altijd leuk aan jouw blog, die foto’s die voor zich spreken en die bijna heel mijn scherm in beslag nemen :-D!

    Keep up the good work and we might bump into each other soon, when I move to A’dam!

  6. This is great! I really like the new design and the new features sound pretty good as well. Excited to see what’s to come!

  7. Ziet er goed uit!

    Ik had nog een vraagje. Ik had je gefotografeerd tijdens Paris Fashion Week. Ben je geïnteresseerd in de foto’s of heb je er al zoveel dat het niet hoeft?

  8. I really like the idea of your new blog! Good job! xx.

  9. Congrats on your new blog Sabrina, it’s totally you ! Can’t wait to see your further posts xx

  10. I really like this new AfterDRK version….keep going with your work, I really loved your blog and I’m sure I’m going to love your site too!
    p.s.= I definitely agree with non using other pictures expect yours!

  11. This is essential of you, and this is perfect ! Love it very much

  12. I like the new ‘you’ and features.
    Congratz with the website!

    pick me an outfit

  13. I really like the new design of your blog! It’s so much better.. or I should say Perfect!


  14. Wow, love the design. Wel inderdaad een beetje jammer dat de foto’s kleiner zijn, vond dat net speciaal.
    De nieuwe ideeën die je hebt opgesomd zijn super. Ik was er

    1. … al zeker van, maar nu nog meer: jouw blog is een favoriet :)

  15. I think your blog is big enough to stand for itself. I really like the minimalistic charme that you carry from your outfits to the design of your blog, this is totally you! So, great job and all the best for the next level, go on like this!!!

    xx, Vanessa

  16. Wauw ziet er prachtig uit! Ik vind alleen de ‘slideshow’ feature heel onhandig, maar voor de rest is het echt een verbetering!

  17. Sounds very good! I love that the design is more consistent now and everything looks simple and chic.


  18. I love it. I really understand the umbrella-thing. You’ve grown a lot and it must feel amazing to be on your own now. Cood luck lady!

  19. Great! Wellcome, new you!

  20. Wauw, gefeliciteerd!! Het ziet er echt super uit, het design sluit inderdaad helemaal aan op jouw persoonlijke stijl wat het helemaal eigen en authentiek maakt. keep up the good work babe!! X

  21. Wow. Nice. Love how clean, simple and foreseeable it is now. Thumbs up :)

  22. Great job! Je blog ziet er geweldig uit, helemaal jou!


  23. I REALLY love that you’ll be using only your own pictures from now on. Not that I didn’t like the randoms from around the web – I just like the idea of coming here for your exclusive point of view. I look forward to seeing what you post!

  24. Amazing! Love the new design and can’t wait to read your more content heaving posts.

  25. I like the new you. At 25 I feel like I am on the same path. The simplicity seems necessary in a busy life, and I like that you are focussing on making the blog more about your passions.

  26. great! We need not be slaves to the fashion dictates to be right or wrong. When we do something with your heart, with our identity, with our face, everything is original. Things do work and flow naturally.
    You’re not copying anyone!
    You have your style ….. literally.
    You’re a lovely person. Yes! I see this with respect for its readers. Look, here in Brazil that the bloggers do not give much talk to your readers not.
    I’m upset about that.
    So that’s it.
    success afterDRK,
    success Sabrina!

  27. Αλεξάνδρα - ⁄ Reply

    I love the simplicity and the freshness of your blog now!

  28. So much better!

    I really hated all those ads. It was to much, distracting and confusing.

    Now it’s so much cleaner and nicer. You go, girl!

    You should also get follow ups/subscribtion to the comments.

    Congrats and kisses from Lisbon. :)

  29. Looks like you’ve stepped up the professionalism – looks great. I’m excited to see what new horizons your blog reaches in the coming days. I’m sure you will have lots to look forward to. Keep up the wonderful work.

  30. It looks great, love your chain necklace:)

  31. Hey Sabrina. I love the new afterdrk. It’s very you: very minimalist, but super stylish. This is the second time I leave a comment on the blog, although I follow it since 2010 Easter (the first time was on the last video you published about your daily routine), and could not fail to do it: afterdrk finally turns to be on your own, something that I really wanted and allow you to show more who you are. I wish you very good luck. Your blog never stopped being in my favorites. XX

  32. Loves it Sab
    Good job <3

  33. Congrats !!! Simple, minimalist, black&white… Love love love ;)

  34. I always loved your blog becuase of its simplicity and now its even better. the new design turned out great and just the way i like it! oh and big compliments on the picture.
    X, Annie

  35. Super idee al zeg ik het zelf, ik volg je blog al een tijdje dus ik meende me ook iets te herinneren dat je als grafisch ontwerpster afgestudeerd was. Dus ik vond het altijd al heel zonde dat je niet meer echt je eigen layout had (als zelf grafisch student zijnde let ik op dat soort stomme dingen haha) X

  36. Just simply love it:) Good luck!

  37. I like!! :-)

    (only the inserting URL acts weird)

  38. love the new look. its prefect, you have an amazing blog and have been and will continue to always be one of my favorite blogs!!!

  39. Het ziet er echt heel gaaf uit! Gefeliciteerd met je eigen site!!! xxx

  40. ziet er fantastisch uit!!! We zijn trots op je….x mama en papa

  41. I looove the new afterdrk even more than the old one if that’s even possible !! It’s so fresh, simple but classy !

    XX Selma

  42. I totally love this new design!!!!! It´s simply gorgeous. So chic and clean. No more annoying adds from freshnet :-) Well done!

  43. I really like this new place!!! congratulations!!!

  44. Been a long time follower of your blog — love this new design. I’ve been wanting to revamp mine for a while too :)

  45. Congrats Sabrina! I love when people do a makeover to their blogs and what I like the most about this one, is the fact that you stayed true to your tastes. You kept it very clean and minimal and we can clearly see that this is so you.
    I really like black and white websites and yours is so dynamic. Love it!
    Good luck, you’ve been doing such a great job!

  46. Congrats, the new blog is amazing! Have a great “new” beggining sweety! xx

  47. Hello! I love your blog and your style, you keep things simple! You’re not about all that stuff of “things-that-never-work-at-real-life, and thats why i ALWAYS search at you blog to find some inspiration… Keep doing it! You do it well!!!! Kisses from Brasil!

  48. I like it a lot, it’s nice, clean and fresh!
    One tip: the comment font is much nicer than the font you use for the blogposts etc. Little detail, big effect

  49. street chic are you’re own pictures too? I love the idea of you doing some streetstyle photography :)
    Love Lois xxx

    1. @Lois: Yes they are! You like them? Xx

  50. The design looks really amazing!

  51. I like better your blog this way actually… Because with Freshnet, it was always bugging and bored me up :/
    I love the way your write your posts and the way your pictures are taken, neat and simple !

    Melanie ~

  52. big congrats for the layout change sabrina !
    i’ve been a loyal follower for quite a long time (even before you owned a DSLR!)
    and this new layout is just refreshing !

    good job on the design and all of the new things you’ll be adding to the blog ! I salute you for not posting other people’s photos in the blog ! As a blogger, I don’t think I’ll manage to do that for the time being hehehe..

    all the best to AfterDRK !

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