Different hair! Nobody really recognized me, fun!

I was wearing an H&M Trend suit and bag (in stores soon), Céline shoes and sunglasses from Rayban.

ph/ Anna Nooshin


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  1. Lookin’ great, Sabrina. I love how you’re stepping out of your comfort zone of mostly wearing black with your outfits lately.

  2. i love that suit ! it looks so perfect

  3. Nice outfit, but that hair.. oh my god, that’s just horrible. It doesn’t suit you at all. I saw the same hairstyle at and somehow she makes it work, but you.. No, it just doesn’t fit your face I guess, makes you look really old and weird for some reason. Just stick with your regular hairstyle.

  4. Dat printje van je rok en jasje is gaaf!

  5. Amazing suit, can’t wait for that H&M collection to hit the stores!


  6. This new hairstyle is totally rad and suits you perfectly!!
    Loving it together with the printed ensemble and celine-like bag. ;)

    ps I’d recognize you anywhere honey!

  7. Van H&M Trend? Dat zou je niet zeggen zeg, heel tof

  8. I love the print, and the new hair is edgy and fabulous!

  9. im sorry but that hair does NOT suit you at all…….
    nice suit tho

  10. Love the print – great suit! And fun to see you with a different look ;) The sandals are still the most amazing heels ever…

    B x

  11. This look is so amazing!!! I really love your dress and the way you did your hair!


    1. sorry, I mean suit! An amazing print!

  12. Your blog is great!

    #Bienvenue sur mon blog!#

  13. love the skirt! the sunglasses look amazing on you!

  14. Looooveeee H&m! they made everything become easier! yap! the trend!

  15. Beautiful suit!!! and love your bag too! xo, Alma

  16. wauw, je ziet er echt prachtig uit!

  17. Love the suit! And you look amazing with your hair like that! :-)


  18. Prachtig! Zó editorial!

  19. Looking gooood. Super leuk dat je een ander kapsel uitprobeert! I like changes :)

    If you like to know, ik heb je op m´n “blogroll” pagina geplaatst, jij bent namelijk wel één van m´n favs :)


  20. I love you’re look! The suit, the hair, the bag, everything!

  21. I love this cool, modern take on the skirt suit. You look amazing!



  22. Such a change, new hair , which looks great. Anyway this suit with the short skirt is sooo nice!

  23. That looks awesome. Love it :D

  24. I hope you didn’t bump into this gal, then. Same outfit, same time, same place. Lucky lucky lucky ;-)

  25. Love the print!

  26. I agree. It is fun when you change your hairstyle and no one recognizes you.



  27. cute style !
    life style places in New York City. Follow Mili !

  28. Great look as always Sabrina! Pairing the patterns with the classic heels is a great move, and I love the hair too.

    Check out what I wore today, striped cardigan with Acne Pistol boots and Marni for H&M sunglasses:

    Anna Lou X

  29. this suit looks fabulous!!

  30. Nice! It always good to see you going for a bold move like the hair and the patterned suit/dress. You can wear anything. Looking forward to more outfit photos. Can you have your photos taken somewhere in Central Park? Just a thought. Have fun! xx

  31. I like your outfit, the print is so beautiful

  32. I just got the same H&M bag and women are stopping me in the streets to ask what label it is. Love it!

  33. I really like the suit, very original
    new outfit post

  34. ABSOLUT AMAZING! you look great, the print, the colour combination, the hairstyling… just perfect!

  35. Great shoes, I love them.



    Style Route

  36. LOVE the suit and I really like the way you did your hair.


  37. you look like jessica alba in the first picture… beautiful!

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