It is July and that means it is summer!! Wait, not really, not in Amsterdam, but at least I experienced some of it in Ibiza last week and the good news is that I will be spending some time in the sunny Gran Canaria ánd Los Angeles this month.

I thought we would only be skipping spring this year and we would have one hell of a hot summer, but it seems like we are skipping summer as well. How I just wish I could have take a tiny little piece of the sun back home…

Oh well, I could go on about the weather for ages and ages, but let’s just pretend we all have the best weather in the world and rock our bikinis and sunnies this month!


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  1. great blouse !!! bit of basic but so ‘strong’

  2. Nice picture and hope summer will arrive soon :p

  3. Great photo! Love the combination of the white blouse and the denim shorts. :) Sounds like you had an amazing time over there.

  4. Mmmmm, LA, lucky you !! Have fun ;)

  5. Oh gosh, this weather makes me so sick! You’re looking gorgeous.

    Style of Purity

  6. You’re looking great in that blouse Sabrina! And you’re such a lucky bastard, having been to Ibiza this summer and going to LA and Gran Canaria.. Enjoy!

  7. Adorable blouse!

    Don’t miss today my June’s Recap….which is your favourite outfit!.

    Kisses from My Bloglovin

  8. Love Ibiza!!!;))

  9. mmm Ibiza, Gran Canaria and Los Angeles ♥ I am so jealous ;)

  10. Don’t worry here in Austria summer’s also pretty much a no show up until now. But I’m positive that it’ll still come!! :)
    xo Andrea

  11. De zomer lijkt hier inderdaad niet te komen. Maar… als het goed is wordt het deze of volgende week beter, lets hope!
    Je ziet er in ieder geval super zomers en super stylish uit!



  12. Love the blouse!


  13. Love this picture! The denim shorts are amazing!!

  14. Geweldige outfit. Lekker genieten van het mooie weer ;) xx

  15. maybe it will be summer soon though! keep hoping x

  16. What a gorgeous photo and outfit! x

  17. i totatlly agree with you! the weather is horrible! lovely pic thou:)

  18. Summer at last, I’m happy to see summery pictures! Great blouse!

  19. ahh how i wish i could hang out at a beach right now… hope it gets warmer soon!


  20. We love your unique and basic style!
    Have fun on Ibiza! ;-)

    Your Outfit Today

  21. Tell me about it, in London we had 2 sunny days and we are back in clouds. Anyway, cool shirt

  22. Your blog is a dream! ;)



  23. Love the print of your sunnies Sab. <3

    xx Diana

  24. Ik dacht inderdaad ook dat we door de slechte ‘Lente’ een geweldig zomer zouden krijge, maar helaas niet tot nu toe!

    Daarom heb ik ook maar lekker een last-minute naar de zon geboekt!


  25. Wat een mooie outfit! En wat het weer betreft heb je helemaal gelijk joh. Omdat ik zeker wist dat de zon bijna niet zou schijnen, heb ik alavst een fulltime baan gevonden voor de ‘zomerdagen’.

  26. Enjoy your holiday! Looks like you have great things planned!

    XOXO Maud


  27. Great photo! Love the combination of the white blouse and the denim shorts. :) Sounds like you had an amazing time over there.

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