It is July and that means it is summer!! Wait, not really, not in Amsterdam, but at least I experienced some of it in Ibiza last week and the good news is that I will be spending some time in the sunny Gran Canaria ánd Los Angeles this month.

I thought we would only be skipping spring this year and we would have one hell of a hot summer, but it seems like we are skipping summer as well. How I just wish I could have take a tiny little piece of the sun back home…

Oh well, I could go on about the weather for ages and ages, but let’s just pretend we all have the best weather in the world and rock our bikinis and sunnies this month!

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  1. Don’t worry here in Austria summer’s also pretty much a no show up until now. But I’m positive that it’ll still come!! :)
    xo Andrea

  2. Wat een mooie outfit! En wat het weer betreft heb je helemaal gelijk joh. Omdat ik zeker wist dat de zon bijna niet zou schijnen, heb ik alavst een fulltime baan gevonden voor de ‘zomerdagen’.