While walking back from Opening Ceremony to my hotel yesterday, I saw a fruit market on Melrose Place and got distracted by the Equipment store sign. I have literally tried on their Signature shirt over a thousand times (probably also in a thousand colors (never really made it to the cash register with one of them)), but never tried it in Fiery Red and since I was eyeing that color online, I thought it would be a good idea to quickly hop in and out to see if was for me.

I ended up trying on both that gorgeous red and this washed black one pictured above and doubted for what must have been at least half an hour. I almost wanted to get them both (trust me, that sales woman was good!!), when my friend Caroline made me come to my senses when she told me that I should give up trying to want to wear color all the time if it is just not my thing. And so I ended up getting my good old favorite color.

ps: I know, I know, another shirt?! Just trying to add more summer uniform options…

Silk Shirt, Equipment (never get one in Europe, they are way more affordable in the US).


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    1. Cool shot!

      Don’t miss today my Fresh look….with a Neon Pink crochet skirt and amazing sandals!!!.

      Kisses from My Bloglovin

  1. Gorgeous shirt! I’ve been eye-ing some equipment stuffs as well, esp a silk shirt in a light-wash denim color.

  2. Equipment has such an awesome selections of blouses and that one is a perfect wardrobe staple.


    The Habit

  3. This one is just perfect and timeless.


    Style of Purity

  4. wow !!! searching for ‘ordinary’ black shirt just for AGES !!!!

  5. Simplicity at its finest.

    Best, x

  6. I get my equipment shirts on the Outnet for 100 dollars (compared to the 350 dollars they cost here in the Netherlands, it’s crazy cheap!)

  7. Simple, basic but such a nice piece!!!

  8. I love Equipment skirt but as you said here in Europe they’re kinda expensive! Wish I can buy me some if I got the chance to go to USA soon !

  9. Nice, I am sure you would look gorgious in red though…

  10. Love it! A black blouse is always handy.


  11. I have an unhealthy addiction to Equipment shirts, you will not regret this at all!

    x karen

  12. Wonderful choice! It’s beautiful and oh so you!

  13. Equipment shirts are amazing, and with the neutral colour you can be sure you’ll have it in your wardrobe for many years to come!


  14. mooie aankoop!

  15. ik heb nog nooit van dit merk gehoord, maar de blouse ziet er gaaf uit.
    xx Stephanie (

  16. Hey Sabrina ,

    Mag ik vragen wat ze daar dan ongeveer kosten?
    Ik ga namelijk over 2 weken een kleine 4 weken naar de VS en ben erg benieuwd naar de shirts!


  17. Hij is perfect! En je vriendin heeft gelijk: ik ben ook vaak gewoon niet van de kleurtjes, en blijf dus lekker bij mijn zwart/grijs/wit/blauw ;)


  18. This shirt is perfection (you can never go wrong with black) xx.

  19. The Equipment Signature is the perfect addition to a summer uniform–black is back for summer! (And, we carry it at The Dreslyn!)

    x Haleigh Le Moine
    The Dreslyn

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