A letter to the blizard that is said to hit New York in a few hours… Dear blizard, could you please just skip New York or wait until I am safely heading back to Amsterdam, please? I did not bring any proper shoes to conquer the snow, you see.

Coat, COS; Sweater, Skirt and Bag, Rika; Denim Shirt, Paige; Boots, Balenciaga; Hat, American Apparel.

Pictures by Anna Nooshin.


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  1. crazy cool!!! this sweat with skirt? amazing match :)
    xoxo and enjoy NY ♥

  2. Beautiful outfit! The skirt and sweater are amazing!


  3. Love this outfit! Beautiful!

  4. this is one of your best look so far….so detailed, so perfect and those boots…such a dream!!

    lens & anything else

  5. Love your Style! The Rika sweater is really gorgeous!

    GIVEAWAY on my blog


  6. Oh ik ben zo jarloers dat je in NY bent.. wil zo graag terug :( succes met de storm!

  7. You´re one of my first and still one of most loved ones. Today you kicked it again – after for my taste too casual recent looks. Great match!

  8. Love your sweet little bag:)))(tribute to more colorful spring climates)

  9. I love your beanie, and I love closer pics cause u have a wonderful face

  10. oh, that bag looks like celine.
    is rika a friend who lend you the bag or is it a brand?

  11. You look so pretty and love your hat and the coat too..:)

  12. I love your style, this outfit is a perfect mix of difference styles.

  13. Great outfit for the first day in NY!!
    Actually you look like you’re from NY ;-))

  14. Ik hoop heel erg voor je dat die sneeuwstorm aan je voorbij gaat!
    Je ziet er top uit, and so does the city! Fijn dat je de schoenen nog hebt gevonden!




  15. My favorite look of you this year! you look really cool/urban chic (ps. those Balenciaga boots are probably one of your best purchases so far)

  16. I’m not sure about the colour of the skirt. But the rest is more than OK !!!

  17. I really really really LOVE this outfit


  18. Dont worry maybe you can find a new pair of shoes proper to snow.
    Btw your outfit is super cool, Iron girl! Try to have fun for us too at NYFW
    Kisses Asli

  19. Vind die trui echt zo gaaf! Veel plezier in NYC (jaloers!) xx


  20. dacht eerst dat het een celine was! maar is ie van rika? x

  21. Wat heerlijk dat je in NY zit, op die sneeuwstorm na dan! Leuke kleur beanie en prachtige jas!


  22. Love the outfit and the hat! :)

  23. De eerste foto is echt prachtig! Heel veel plezier gewenst!


  24. You always look beautiful, love the sweater!

  25. I absolutely love this sweatshirt!

    from Hollywood, CA

  26. Ya it’s a crazy snow day here in Toronto, bundle up! Love the skirt xx

  27. You look great! I´m excited to see your impressions! Have fun in New York!


  28. incredibly stylish, love your look! Stay warm in NY!

  29. eeeeek! not looking hopeful. good luck! those boots should do fine. and if all else fails, just hibernate eh?

  30. You got your Balenciaga boots! I’m so happy for you!

  31. I LOVE this look so different than you usual looks pretty cool I noticed your tastes are changing a bit less blacks…? ;)

  32. Love that cute beanie soooo much and still abso loving your balenciaga boots. I’ve just posted up one my most PROVOKING outfits featuring Erdem’s runway printed neoprene coat and matching heels, do tell what you think on the craziness and l hope it entertains ;)

    xx The Provoker

  33. Beautiful outfit! Love the shirt.
    I hope you survived the blizzard!

    Breathe Me

  34. Oh wat mis ik New York toch! Hopelijk heb je het leuk in New York ondanks Nemo!

  35. Die trui is zoo stoer!

  36. Mooie foto’s! Rokken matchten inderdaad helemaal super met je nieuwe shoes…
    Sweater lijkt me ook heerlijk.

    X Marjolein – Never Too

  37. This outfit is sooo New York! I love the colored beanie and graphic tee. So adorable. xo Winter

  38. you’d wear a celine copy but not a balenciaga copy? what made you change your mind?

  39. Nice post …like the outfit. A bit unique with a smooth color combination.
    Besides that, the shoot is awesome …the scene, the surrounding. Great city which you used very well.


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