Let me tell you a little something more about my hair. Imagine the exact opposite of the perfect blow-dry, an untamed and tangled bunch of an undefinable color – some call it blonde, I want to believe I am a brunette.

There was a time I used to really style it every morning, smudge all kinds of products into my roots and smear some extra in the ends to make sure everything stayed in place, just to come to the conclusion that after about 10 seconds on a bicycle in Dutch weather would make it look like I did not even take the effort to brush my hair. After a decent while, I just gave up.

Now I just like to put minimal effort into it and sometimes I literally do not even touch a brush. I gave my hairdresser the task to cut it in a way that does not need much work, imagine how much daylight my hairdryer gets on an average weekly basis – zero to none.

It saves tons of time in the morning, which means extra minutes for a good breakfast. After all that is the most important thing to start a new day. Better skip the hair than the yoghurt, right? Do not get me wrong, I believe hair can do a lot (read: a lot) for your look, but I like it this way. A little messiness can do no harm and equals that perfect amount of je ne sais quoi.


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  1. so beautifull

  2. i like your hair! its effortless but still manages to look good! your pants are gorgeous!

  3. this looks so cool!

    xoxo from rome

  4. I have your same hair problem…no way to put them in order!


  5. I absolutely adore that jumper! This outfit is gorgeous from head to toe! Love it x

    Fashion Landscape

  6. Personally, I love styled hair that had a run through the weather. Non-styled hair that had a run through the weather can look dirty instead of messy

  7. mm perfect trousers honey!! want something like that !! ♥
    with love from

  8. Ik hou de laatste tijd ook meer van die effortless-look! Misschien omdat m’n haar nu ook wat beter valt dan vroeger nu het wat langer is en mooi is geknipt. Ik vind het jou in ieder geval heel mooi staan!

  9. Love this total black outfit !!!!! You look great :)

    Eirini from

  10. you´ve got such amazing shoes!!!! I love them! xo, Alma

  11. I love your hair style, it’s simple and beautiful!!! nice outfit!!!!

  12. Agree, low maintenance is best – and I like the messy look too! :)

    B xx

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  13. Love your look, the hair look as if it was perfectly styled to be messy :)))

  14. i like your hair like this! Make it all not so clean and perfect!


  15. i like messy but lately your hair looks dirty..

  16. Completely agree! Me, myself, I don’t really care about my hair, the way it looks in the morning must be cool enough to pass the day! Can’t afford to sacrifice breakfast and a coffee :D

  17. I have the exact same approach to my hair, trying to do anything to it is pointless because it’s so short!

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  18. So true, ik vind je haar geweldig! Helaas ben ik ‘gezegend’ met haar dat altijd netjes valt :S Sommigen zijn daar blij mee, maar die perfecte messiness ga ik dus niet bereiken haha.


  19. Ik vind je haar altijd mooi zitten. Had ik maar dat perfecte messy haar. Dat van mij begint alleen maar te krullen en te pluizen tot ik een soort ontplofte poedel op mn hoofd heb :D xx

  20. i like the out of bed hair look better myself as well

  21. Wat een mooie broek zeg. Wij zijn wel helaas vaak bezig met de haartjes!

  22. De hakken blijven zo mooi :)

  23. Ik vind je haar eigenlijk net iets minder op deze foto’s dan in eerdere posts, grappig dat dit net de post is waarin je het bespreekt.
    Mooie outfit !

  24. killer heels, loving them with a pair of super awesome leather pants

  25. Sabrina, je haar zit super, maar de echte killer is die leren broek!!! Je inspireert ons allemaal met je outfits, maar ik geloof nog niet (helaas) dat we allemaal al een (echte) leren broek/legging hebben, maar ik ben overstag, ik heb er nu 1, dankzij jou!

  26. I love your hair!! In this way, it looks very cool! It’s really nice:)
    what kind of cut you ask for?

    1. what kind of haircut*

      1. @Edie: I just tell him that I do not want to put any effort into my hair in the morning and he miraculously cuts in it a way that works. Xx

  27. You’re abolutely right. My hairdryer is also ‘retired’, because I got so sick of the Dutch weather and the effect on perfectly styled hair. You look lovely!

  28. A hairdo that doensn’t need any effort, well that sounds like a dream…



  29. I love this outfit! It looks so comfy, but chic! Amazing pants!


  30. Hm… You’re pretty, but I liked your polished look better.

    1. @AreyouShir? Thanks! Though I never really had a polished look, I do have polished hairdays ;)

  31. Hi!

    What size are your hunkydory leather pants? I really want to buy the same but they only had it in M at the store (too big) so I have to buy them from their website. I wonder if the S will still be a bit baggy like yours. I don’t want them to be tight… :-/

    1. @Ulrika: I have a size S, I usually wear jeans size 27 (sometimes 26). Hope this helps!

      1. Hi!
        Perfect, I am a size 27 too! That was a lot of help. :)

        1. @Ulrika: Yes!

  32. Haha ik heb ongeveer hetzelfde haar als jij qua kleur en vind ook altijd dat ik meer een brunette ben dan blond.

  33. Ik vind je haar leuker op andere foto’s. Hier lijkt het eerlijk gezegd gewoon vies..

  34. Ik ben het helemaal met je eens! Embrace messy hair!

  35. I love the oversized sweater look.

    Kristina Wilde

  36. Absolutely rigth:)
    You’re the best.

  37. Jouw haren zitten altijd goed!

  38. I agree with you on the hair. I like mine nice sometimes but messy is great, I don’t brush my hair lots of times.

  39. Well… Honestly i love it!!! I feel the same…

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    Hope you can check it out…

    Thanks and Merry Christmas in advance.

  40. Your hair really fits your style, and I totally get what you mean by the bicycle + Dutch weather creating a coupe of its own! Could you please tell to which hairdresser you’ve been? I have the same type of hair and I’ve tried so many different hairdressers in Amsterdam, but unfortunately I never leave completely satisfied.

    1. @Charlotte: Thanks! Jeffrey Janssen from Coup D’État always cuts my hair ;)

  41. i always have a bed-head too :D

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