For weeks now, it’s the only thing the Dutch fashion crowd has been talking about: Dutch Vogue. What will the cover look like? Which model(s) are going to be on it? Is our country even ready for a magazine like this?

This afternoon, Karin Swerink (editor in chief) and her team presented the very first issue of Dutch Vogue at a press lunch in George W.P.A. and it is fab. Very fab! Gorgeous Romee Strijd, Ymre Stiekema and Josefien Rodermans – lensed by Marc de Groot – are on the cover, wearing Acne, Valentino and Chanel. I have to be honest, when I saw the cover circulating on the internet this morning, I thought the cover was a bit too young and girly (and pink!) but after seeing it in real life and holding it for a little while, it just seems to be perfect.

At the moment I am dealing with an extreme and severe cough, but I dragged myself out of bed for the press lunch and went straight back after. The timing of my cough is great though, I have more than enough time to flip through the pages and actually read this April issue.


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  1. Those sunnies are awesome!

  2. Lovely Post!!

  3. I didn’t know that there wasn’t a dutch VOGUE until now. Hope you’ll get better soon

  4. Wat een gave cover! Die brillen zijn tof.

  5. You are so lucky! I’m very curious how it will look like, only one night of sleep and then… :-)


  6. Gorgeous, can see why it would look so good in real life.

  7. Oh, I want it so bad!! Is it is Dutch or in English? Sorry, might sound like a stupid question but Indian Vogue is in English, so I just wondered..
    Love the cover!

    Anneli x

  8. Wauw, die brillen zijn echt gaaf! Kan niet wachten tot hij in de winkel ligt :) Lucky you dat je erbij was!

  9. Wauw, ik ben echt zo benieuwd!! Die brillen zijn echt super grappig ^^ & veel beterschap! X

  10. Wow this looks like such a amazing event :) I love the cover especially the blue lace dress xx

  11. You look amazing on 2nd photo, so natural, I like it very much

  12. Wat een eer dat je hier bij mocht zijn! De zonnebrillen zijn ook er leuk!

  13. That’s great news! I couldn’t even imagine not having Vogue! Actually, I guess we really don’t in Canada — I just consider the American one to be ours as well :)
    I hope you had fun at the press lunch — I’m sure there will be a lot more exciting events in the near future!

  14. very vogue pics!!! ;))

  15. Ziet er zo leuk uit! Kan niet wachten!

    liefs, Laura

  16. Die ga ik morgen dus absoluut halen in de Bijenkorf! Beterschap trouwens!

  17. That’s great news my dear! I wasn’t aware that there was no Dutch Vogue!! :) It’s a new whole fashion world spreading right in front of you I guess and who knows, one certain Sabrina might be editor in chief one day! ;)
    The cover is ideal Acne Valentino and Chanel!! I mean pure paradise!! :)

    ps get well soon

  18. I wish all the best for Dutch Vogue!!
    btw the pics with the VOGUE sunglasses is amazing!!

  19. lovely pics! xx

  20. Mooi foto babe!!

    XO Charlotte

  21. looks amazing! lucky you getting a sneak preview!!!
    january, x

  22. oh this is so great that you now have a vogue! The Dutch ELLE’s been so one felt good next to the German Elle, because she made ​​a lot of casual and fresh from the theme is a lot!

    I’ll get the same one!

  23. What a lovely post, love the picture with the sunglasses and the cover is great.

  24. I cant believe there was talk of “does the country even need a magazine like this” I think its well overdue, there are third world countries who’ve had vogue for years and Holland is a fashion progressive country, anyhow better late than never.

  25. So extremely happy we finally have our own Vogue.

  26. OMG I love the 3 Voque shades pic, just amazing!!!


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