They say time flies when you are having fun and I am more than sure they have fun at the Vogue Netherlands headquarters. I can not believe it is almost a year ago that they launched their very first issue. At first I was a bit sceptic about a Dutch Vogue I have to be honest. Why would we need another magazine? Are the Dutch – very down to earth – ready for Vogue? But on the other hand, who am I to judge?

Issue by issue, the Dutch Vogue team slowly convinced me there is no reason to be skeptic. As I said before, I do not read every single issue cover to cover (I sometimes skip some of the interviews), but I have been a very loyal buyer and keeper. All issues are displayed/piled up in my living room in a very neat-freak kind of way.

Now, let’s talk about the March issue I am probably reading as we speak on my way to New York. I feel honored to be the first (in the world?!) to give you a preview of the cover and a bit of what is inside. How gorgeous is Bette Franke on this cover? She looks super duper fresh and the editorial inside is divine!

Also, I am proud to be featured in Vogue’s 101 best online shops with two of my favorites.


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  1. congrats dear, you deserve that with no doubts :)

  2. Heel cool! Eén van mijn favoriete outfits!

  3. Can’t wait for the new issue!

    Go to to check out my new outfit post.


  4. How exciting to get your hands on it first :) I have to admit I actually really like the magazine, let’s hope it’s around for plenty more years to come!

    p.s Have an epic time in NY!


  5. i still have not bought or read dutch vogue.. but i might..

  6. Wat gaaf dat je in de Vogue staat en de outfit op de tweede foto is echt top! xx


  7. Wow so cool! Congrats dear
    Kisses blckpearlstyle

  8. Really happy for you! :) You deserve it!

    xx pauline

  9. Congratz met de feature, super leuk!

    X Marjolein – Never Too

  10. You can never have enough Vogue magazines if you ask me! haha

  11. Wat cool dat je gefeatured bent, super vet! En bette franke is prachtig! <3


  12. Ik vind de cover echt prachtig!!

  13. they ace in any kind of design (and Belgium is just close enough:), so why wouldn’t they in fashion?

  14. Alweer bijna een jaar, wow time flies indeed! Congrats on the feature :)


  15. Very lovely and I now realise that I never bought a Dutch Vogue in my life before. I did buy a English one. Might buy a Dutch one to find out the difference between them. Great post and beautiful photo’s!


  16. Beautiful. That was also my first thought, but they’re getting better and better.



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