It looks like this week is unintentionally dedicated to some old jackets found in the back of my closet.

Jacket, Acne; Jeans, Diesel; Boots, Givenchy; Scarf, Marc Jacobs; Sunglasses, Ray-Ban.


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  1. how nice are these shoes? a lot…♥♥ perfect outfit !

  2. Those boots are everything!

  3. I love this jacket!!!! very nice….xo, Alma

  4. Those boots are phenomenal!

  5. You look beautiful. The jacket is amazing!


  6. I’ve always loved that jacket…happy to see it again!

    lens & anything else

  7. WOW! Your Givenchy boots are stunning!!
    I relly looove them!


  8. Like always simple but really nice !

  9. how nice is it to “rediscover” old clothes! by the way, I’m loving those boots best with pants than with skirts!

  10. Those boots are amazing!


  11. the shoes are such a classic, always look great!

  12. Even it`s an old jacket it`s very nice and you create a great outfit.

  13. What a great jacket to find in the back of the closet! Love this outfit :) x

  14. I missed this jacket! Looks so great on you Sabrina :)

  15. love your style!! this outfit is so beautiful

  16. You lucky girl, with that boots!!

  17. Lo,lo,lo,lo,love it babe ! So subtle, yet so cool ! And that jacket just gets to me every time.

  18. Love this outfit! Awesome jacket

  19. I used to hate that boots but they are my favourite pice of this outfit! They look so good!!

  20. Die laarzen blijven echt te mooi en wat een mooi jasje ook! xx

  21. Oh, I love these boots!

  22. You look amazing! How I love these boots <3

    Fashion Landscape

  23. Love this look, those boots are the bomb! Xo

  24. begin die laarzen steeds mooier te vinden, er zit echt zo’n vibe omheen die zegt ‘yes love i ám fabulous’, heel goed hihi! :)

  25. En ik herken ze allemaal nog! ;)
    Mooie outfit!

  26. I loooove that Jacket!

  27. Crisp and streamlined. Truly beautiful in your unique and representative sophisticated minimal style.

  28. this jacket is my favorite! it’s stunning


  29. Those boots are killer on you. Love the way you rock them xx

  30. haha waar is de sneeuw?? photoshop;)

    1. @Zoe: Ik maak mijn foto’s altijd ruim voor ik ze plaats, de sneeuw komt dus pas volgende week ;)

  31. Wel een gouwe ouwe! Al denk ik dat zelfs een juttezak prachtig wordt als je er deze laarsen onder draagt, ZO mooi…

    X Marjolein – Never Too

  32. Ik wou dat ik ook zo’n outfit kon dragen vandaag, maar het is hier ijskoud. Ik hou echt van je laarzen en jas! x

    1. @Rana: Hier nu ook hoor! Maar ik maak mijn foto’s altijd ruim voor ik ze plaats, deze zijn dus vorige week genomen. Toen viel het nog mee ;) Xx

      1. Ik heb de Style By Marina blazer die ik van je gekocht heb op ticktail nog altijd niet kunnen dragen door het slechte weer. Even afwachten dus! x

  33. I just want those boots so bad! I love how casual you’ve made them here.

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  34. Deze look is echt perfect bij je laarzen !

  35. Zo mooi!! Echt jaloers op deze outfit!

  36. Beautiful outfit and those boots!

  37. Question: do you diet? Because some healthy food posts would be really great as well. And you look like you’re in great shape lately!

  38. Well, I would suggest that you rescue this jacket, it’s very cool!

  39. yaaaayyy finally the site is working for me!! :D now I need to catch up on lots of posts! Xx

  40. you look so good!!great outfit!!!

  41. I really really love this outfit! And just wondering, are you wearing New Wayfarers or Original Wayfarers?

    1. @Joscelyn: Thank you! Original ones ;) Xx

  42. looking super fantastic here. so chic!

  43. You have an amazing style. I really love looking for your outfit post. First time when I saw that Givenchy boots I didnt like them at all because it was so different and I thought its hard to combine it but now I saw I’m wrong. You combine them so well thanks to you I understand how amazing these shoes are!

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