Leather Coat, Maison Martin Margiela for H&M; Sweater, H&M Trend; Scarf, Marc Jacobs; Shoes, Céline.

Pictures by Anna Nooshin.

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  1. Barefoot? Honestly? Don’t get it… Sorry but to me it seems like you’ve changed a lot within the last couple of months. Some time ago you were so cool, relaxed and down to earth, not giving too much on fashion – very sympathetic. This kind of changed :(

  2. Were you at BFC? I wished we bumped into each other, would be so fun to sit and chat fashion with you. Love the white coat, still hoping we’d see each other around, have a great LFW! :D I’ve just posted up my Day 1 outfit for London Fashion Week featuring G.V.G.V.’s runway baby blue fox fur stole, do tell what you think on the provoking piece and l hope it entertains ;)

    xx The Provoker

  3. Considering you’re wearing jeans and a big coat I doubt you were exactly freezing with your toes on show. I actually think your style has gotten better – I always loved it but it’s even more varied now! Love this coat, nearly bought it for myself but wasn’t sure which size would be best, what size is yours if you don’t mind me asking? There’s only M & L left and I’m a bit of a midget!x