Excuse the wrinkled sleeves of my blazer. One, it is linen. Plus, I can not iron – not without ironing a hole or two – so when I want to wear something that is all rumpled I either have to puppy eye Lesley or wear it with wrinkles and all. Also, they say people do more on Sundays (and this, I wore on Sunday) than on a regular working day. That research can not be right unless they only got respondents who are getting paid for sitting in their jammies all day and maybe give their loo a tiny, but firm, brush. At least that is about the max of what I do on a usual Sunday.

This time it was the complete opposite and proved that the laziest day of the week is actually our busiest is not all nonsense.

It started with running quite some errands, but I am not going to bother you with those. (Buying toilet paper and such is just not that interesting.) Then the sleeves got really wrinkled when we spent hours and hours in the hardware store gathering all the right materials to finally build my dream; a walk-in closet.

We are taking things slowly, step by step, by starting with one side of the room and see how that goes. I am forecasting the other side of the room is soon to follow, since I will probably find it hard to share (I am the same with food). I just have to convince Lesley of the fact that we both need our own sides. And what else are we going to do with that spare room, except for filling it up with junk? To be continued…

Blazer, T by Alexander Wang; Denim Jacket, Diesel; Jeans, Diesel; Shoes, Prada; Bag, Kurt Geiger.

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  1. As usual, you’re killing it in the most versatile way. I love this background–it’s something new and really brings out the beautiful simplicity of the outfit [sounds silly to use such poetic lingo re: clothes, but hey, we're all fashion geeks here, right?] I can’t believe that’s a denim jacket as a shirt, it doesn’t look bulky at all which is what I would expect…


  2. great look! i think the sleeves look nice wrinkled hehe. the photos are btw amazing with the new lens!! have fun building your walk-in closet :)

  3. Haha, ik ben ook een ramp met het strijkijzer :p

    Stoom het altijd een beetje in de douche en anders gaan de kreukels er wel uit door mijn lichaamswarmte.

    En heel gaaf dat jullie eindelijk de inloopkast gaan bouwen, ik ben heel benieuwd naar het resultaat! :D


  4. I think the wrinkles add some personality to the sleeves, I really like it the way it is, looks original and different, no lazy at all

  5. Ah, I’ve been eyeing that Alexander Wang blazer for months now in a local store in Eindhoven… This outfit entirely convinced me that I need to buy it

  6. Op de een of andere manier hebben de kreukels op de mouwen wel wat op de foto.
    Strijken kan ik trouwens wel, maar ik heb er zo’n gruwelijke hekel aan dat ik een berg aanleg en het dan in een keer weg werk. Vinden de meeste onlogisch, maar liever een keer een uur lijden dan 1-2 keer per week een kwartier ;) Geweldige schoenen ook trouwens! xx


  7. I like the wrinkled sleeves too, it makes the outfit cooler.
    I’m useless when it comes to ironing, but it’s getting better with my washing machine, which has a de-wrinkling vapor function.